Hand / Wrist / Elbow

There are 206 bones in the adult body and 27 of them are in your hand and wrist making it no surprise that people will suffer with some sort of condition in their lifetime. Frequent usage creates a constant wear-and-tear opportunity for injury or chronic conditions and may inhibit normal daily functions.

Hand and wrist trauma may also be the result of degenerative or acquired diseases.  Common conditions are carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, bone fractures, sprains, trigger finger, ganglion cyst, digital mucus cyst, tendinitis, Dupuytren’s, DeQuervain syndrome, and a host of other challenges.

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wrist pain

More than a million hand and wrist injuries are seen in emergency rooms in a year. With a little common sense and knowledge, you can lower your risk. Tasks such as using knives in the kitchen, power tools, cooking at a hot stove, and falls are ones that require patience and attention to your chore to avoid a painful injury.

elbow pain

Along with hand and wrist, there may be associated elbow problems that may occur including tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow.  These are two of the most common complaints with elbow discomfort and both are typically treated without surgery. Fortunately, many other elbow conditions are also treated without surgery.

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Stretches aren’t just meant for your workouts at the gym.  Brief upper extremity stretches, including those of the hand and wrist, will promote flexibility and strengthen muscles to help keep you comfortable, healthy, and active.

Most disorders may be treated conservatively with physical therapy, injections or splints. Some traumatic injuries may cause nerve, artery, vein, muscle, tendon, ligament, or joint cartilage problems and in these cases, joint replacement may be recommended. The physicians at 360-ORTHOPEDICS are experts in this field.