Knee Pain

This one of the more common reasons people visit 360-ORTHOPEDICS. The knee is a complex joint and a knee injury can seriously impact your lifestyle. Fortunately, many knee problems are very treatable. Sometimes a mere modification of activities will reduce knee discomfort. Additionally, physical therapy and exercise will strengthen the surrounding muscles to help stabilize weak joints. Staying active with low impact activities such as biking, swimming, and walking are excellent ways to relieve discomfort.

Causes of knee pain include injury (damage to the ACL and meniscus) as well as disease (arthritis). Some of these problems are treated conservatively without surgery, rather with physical therapy, anti-inflammatories, PRP, or injections. Others may require arthroscopy or arthroplasty.

At 360-ORTHOPEDICS we utilize the latest technology to help diagnose and treat hip pain. With on-site MRI and digital X-rays, we are able to provide a speedy and accurate diagnosis. For pain and other sensory issues, we can conduct an EMG (electromyogram) and NCS (nerve conduction study).