Physical and Occupational Therapy

The Physical and Occupational Therapists at 360-ORTHOPEDICS create individual treatment plans to help each patient achieve their personal goals. Our therapists are licensed professionals with extensive education, training, and background in the sciences focusing on human movement and performance.


Physical Therapy is a treatment which some people may require after an injury, surgery, or long-term chronic health condition. Rehabilitation of major joints and muscle groups allow you to move better and relieve discomfort. It also helps improve and restore physical function and fitness. The goal of PT is to make daily tasks and activities easier to perform. Some treatment may include manual therapy, balance therapy, aquatic therapy, and soft tissue modalities.

Occupational Therapy is a custom method of therapy for people whose conditions limit their mobility and function, mainly of the upper extremities. The goal is to help people be able to participate in activities they need and want to do. Common OT modalities include helping people regain skills after injury or, rehabilitation post-surgical repair or tendon/ligament damage of the hand, wrist, elbow, forearm, and shoulder. Common treatment may include custom fabricated splinting.

Hand Therapy provides a specialized form of therapy in hand rehabilitation. The hand is a complex structure consisting of 29 bones, 34 muscles, 123 ligaments, 48 nerves, and 30 arteries. The technical complexity of the hand necessitates a high level of professional competence in rehabilitation after an injury or post-surgical procedure.