I've Been Hurt on the Job: What Should I Do Now?

I've Been Hurt on the Job: What Should I Do Now?

Workplace injuries are a fact of life, no matter how well developed the safety protocols at your job. Accidents happen, and often at the most inconvenient times. In Florida, you usually don’t need to worry about lost wages or medical bills because most employers must, by law, carry worker’s compensation insurance policies to protect their workers and their own liability. 

One problem you might encounter is medical practices that refuse to accept workplace injury cases. Filing a claim is paperwork intensive, and some physicians opt out of treating work injuries for that reason. For musculoskeletal injuries, choose 360 Orthopedics. We specialize in worker’s compensation cases and we’re proud to offer comprehensive care regardless of the reasons behind your injury. 

I've been hurt on the job: what should I do now?

Making a successful worker’s compensation claim requires you to follow state rules. We’ve compiled some of the key points here. 


You must start your claim within 30 days of the time you’re first aware of a work-related injury or illness. Some conditions may not result from a single incident. Symptoms can also develop days or weeks after an event. The key point here is that you start your claim soon after you’re aware of the condition or from the date at which a healthcare provider informs you an injury is work-related. 

When it comes to orthopedic injuries, contact us immediately. Common types of injuries we treat include: 

Your initial examination focuses on the injured area and it may lead to further diagnostic testing to confirm your doctor’s observations. 


As soon as you can after becoming aware of the injury, write down your recollections surrounding the potential causes of the injury. Evidence could include talking to others who witnessed an incident or taking photos of the workspace and equipment. 


In a medical emergency, get treatment as soon as possible. If you don’t need immediate care, wait until after reporting the injury to your employer. When you do visit a healthcare provider, inform the doctor and staff of the workplace injury potential so they can record their observations in support of your claim. 

Reporting your injury

As soon as you can, and within 30 days of the injury, notify your employer orally or in writing. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t yet missed time from work due to the injury. Follow up with your employer to verify that they file a report. An employee can also file a report using the state’s forms. You can find the worker’s compensation forms through this link. In most cases, you’ll receive a First Report of Injury or Illness form from your employer to complete. 

What to expect from treatment

The care you receive depends on the nature of your injury. Once we diagnose your condition, we’ll develop an appropriate treatment plan to get you back to work as soon as possible. Your treatment may include: 

Physical and occupational therapies are often key components of a treatment plan to build strength and introduce ergonomic changes to prevent re-injury.

Contact the nearest location of 360 Orthopedics for your medical partner in a workplace injury claim. You can make an appointment by calling your office of choice in the central Gulf Coast area. We’re ready to help so book your visit now. 

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