Orthopedic Group Prescribes New Name and Logo

360 ORTHOPEDICS – A Reflection of Growth & Integrity

Sarasota, FL, July 24, 2019– After 40 years known as Sarasota Orthopedic Associates, the group has rebranded as 360 Orthopedics. The original name dates back 40 years and is a reflection of when the physicians treated patients in one location. Over the past eight years, the group has grown to add locations in Lakewood Ranch and Venice. The new name, 360 Orthopedics, is a reflection of growth as well as a 360 degree approach in treating patients and the wide range of available treatment options.

The logo colors of green and blue were chosen to reflect core values of the brand. Green represents balance, renewal, healing, and growth while blue denotes stability, trust, strength, and reliability. Bright green and blue are evocative of the Suncoast’s gulf waters and majestic palm trees. The symbol “360” depicts a patient-centric full circle of care with an all-encompassing consideration of the patient lifestyle. A message of “hope” is subtly aligned in the “6” of the logo, a mission central to the treatment process.

Jeffrey Silverstein, MD/President says “Our new name 360 Orthopedics is a depiction that patients are the center of our comprehensive orthopedic care. We continue to provide the same high level of expertise and technology as in the past”. Further, Managing Partner Gregory Farino, MD said “As we continue to grow, we are adding new services, physicians, and technology to better serve our patients regionally”.

The rebranded 360 Orthopedics also embodies another important message as a footprint serving patients along the entire Suncoast. The physicians and staff at 360 ORTHOPEDICS remain committed to provide the highest level of comprehensive, compassionate, and professional care. The mission of 360 Orthopedics is to get patients back on their feet, back to work, back in the game, and back to life.

For more information about this topic, please contact Sandi Wall, CMO/Marketing Director at 941.951.2663 / ext. 213 or email at Swall@360-orthopedics.com

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